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Extreme Chicken Video: Possibly Funniest Thing Ever

Chickens are humorous creatures in general, but when you couple that with a wild video produced, presumably by crazy people who have clearly ventured so far outside of the animal rights spectrum that they’ve arguably circled back around to being in it again, you get something so stupid it’s both brilliant and fiendishly funny.

While I don’t personally see the need for a gimbal on my cell phone, the concept of this video thrills me to no end. And it’s partially true – chickens really do have a gimbal like reflex that helps them keep their balance. How someone managed to be insane enough to dream up this video from that starting point – now that I’d love to know.

So while I won’t be rushing out to purchase the LG G2 phone anytime soon, I’ll definitely be re-watching this parody of an inventor who turns his pet Chicken “Lizzy” into a living Gimbal, dubbed “Galluscam,” until my head hurts too much from laughing to continue.

Image credit: The images (provided in the gallery below) were captured by Ayrne staff from live video produced by LG 

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